Ravenna-Bryant Community Association &
Laurelhurst Community Club

September 14, 2001

Rich Hill
Phillips McCullough Wilson Hill & Fikso
2025 First Avenue, Suite 1130
Seattle, WA 98121
Fax 448-3444

RE: For Settlement Purposes Only/Proposed Expansion of University Village

Dear Rich:

Thank you for your call suggesting the possible settlement of the hearing examiner appeal by means of offsite mitigation. As you requested, we have compiled a list of possible mitigation measures from representatives from impacted communities. The measures listed below are intended to preserve or enhance pedestrian and bicyclist safety, particularly at or near the intersection of the Burke-Gilman Trail and NE Blakeley/Union Bay Place NE. The highest priority items are listed first.

  1. Sidewalks on 30th NE and NE 50th: Both of these streets are heavily used by University Village-bound vehicles and pedestrians, and the lack of sidewalks is a serious safety concern. Sidewalks on these streets consistently rank as a top priority for local residents. Although the Village has agreed to street improvements at Five Corners, we consider sidewalks on 30th NE and NE 50th a much higher priority that should be considered in lieu of, or in addition to, the planned work at Five Corners. Laurelhurst and Ravenna-Bryant commit to assisting in finding additional funding, if needed, through the City and state sources.

  2. Employee Parking: Current and future onsite employee parking is insufficient to prevent overflow parking into the neighborhoods where streets are narrow and parking is limited for residents. Adequate onsite parking for employees should be provided, particularly in light of the fact that transit service to the Village is poor. At minimum, 500 parking spaces within the Village should be allotted to employee parking. In addition, an RPZ for the neighborhoods immediately surrounding the Village should be provided at U Village expense as requested by neighbors. These neighborhood streets have become increasing clogged with vehicles from University Village employees. The University of Washington and the Seahawks have recognized the impacts of their activities and the University Village should do the same.

  3. 25th Avenue Center Lane Hazards: We request a firm commitment from University Village to address the 25th Avenue center lane hazards with representatives from neighboring community councils and the City and a funding commitment to correspond with recommended solutions.

  4. Lighting at the Burke-Gilman Crossing: The current overhead crosswalk sign on NE Blakeley and the Burke-Gilman Trail is inadequate to ensure pedestrian and bicycle safety. Lighting of the existing sign would assist in promoting safety. Many pedestrians who cross at this location are headed for University Village and it seems reasonable that the Village would want to address this concern.

  5. Transportation Management Plan: We request a firm commitment to involve neighborhood representatives from community councils in the development and implementation of the Transportation Management Plan that has been required by the Department of Design, Construction and Land Use (DCLU). In addition to the implementation measures required by DCLU, we request consideration of shuttle buses within the Village and between University Village and neighboring communities. The latter has been implemented during the December holiday season, but the service is limited. We also request continued monitoring and surveys of traffic levels with community participation, review of the traffic hazards associated with the center lane on 25th NE, consideration of a right-turn only at the Union Bay Place NE exit, consideration of elimination of the left turn out of QFC onto NE 45th and consideration of traffic calming measures on NE Blakeley/Union Bay Place NE. Laurelhurst and Ravenna-Bryant and representatives from other community councils in impacted areas will work with you on the Transportation Management Plan as supplemented with the items we have proposed.

Unfortunately, as with much of the country, our work this week has been disrupted due to the tragic events on the East Coast. We appreciate your suggestion of possible settlement and your consideration of the items listed above. We look forward to hearing back from you as soon as possible or by Monday.


Mary Whitfield
Mary Whitfield, Acting Chair
Ravenna-Bryant Community Association
2911 NE 53rd Street
Seattle, Washington
Jeannie Hale
Jeannie Hale, President
Laurelhurst Community Club
3425 W Laurelhurst Drive NE
Seattle, Washington 98105

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