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October 12, 2005




Kelly Evans

Keep Washington Rolling / No on 912

P.O. Box 2505

Seattle, Washington  98111


RE:  Endorsement of No on 912


Dear Ms. Evans,


            At its October 10th meeting, the Laurelhurst Community Club Board of Trustees unanimously endorsed No on Initiative 912.  Please add our organization to your list of groups opposed to this measure.


Prior to our meeting, the Trustees reviewed the excellent, objective, nonpartisan analysis prepared by the League of Women Voters of this measure and Resolution Number 30807, adopted by the Seattle City Council opposing the Initiative 912—materials that were included in our agenda packets.  At our meeting, State Representative Jim McIntire attended and spoke to our group about the impacts of repeal of the gas tax increase passed by the state legislature. 


The modest phased-in gas tax increase will provide needed funding for the Alaskan Way Viaduct, the SR 520 Replacement Project and many other transportation safety projects in Seattle and across the state.  We will do our best to educate our community to vote no on Initiative 912.  We appreciate the important work you are doing.




                                                                        Jeannie Hale, President

                                                                        3425 West Laurelhurst Drive NE

                                                                        Seattle, Washington  98105

                                                                        206-525-5135 / fax 206-525-9631



cc:  Representative Jim McIntire