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November 30, 2005



Julie Meredith

SR 520 Project

414 Olive Way, Suite 400

Seattle, WA 98101.


RE: SR 520 Tunnel Proposal Should be Studied in SR520 EIS


Dear Ms. Meredith:


The Laurelhurst Community Club Board of Trustees has been briefed on and discussed the proposal for a 520 tunnel extending from I-5 to the eastern edge of Union Bay.  While we are interested in and generally support the underlying concepts embodied in this proposal, we also recognize that there may be impacts which would present a problem for northeast Seattle neighborhoods.  For this reason, we believe that it is in all our best interests to have this proposal fully analyzed.  Therefore, we support the tunnel proponent’s request to have the Washington State Department of Transportation study this proposal as part of the SR 520 EIS process.


We have been briefed on and discussed the proposal for a 520 tunnel extending from I-5 to the eastern edge of Union Bay.  We are interested in the tunnel technology that was explained to us, and in general find the concept of a tunnel to be an interesting alternative to bridges.  A tunnel, if feasible, would actually reduce noise and improve esthetics in our area -- no other alternative studied to date has been able to achieve this.  The Laurelhurst Community Club supports studying a tunnel as an alternative to bridges in the six-lane alternative and in the "Arboretum Bridge" design option currently being studied as part of the SR 520 EIS process.  We have concerns about access points presented to our group near Five Corners and on Mary Gates Boulevard and suggest that your analysis focus on access points no further north than Pacific Avenue.


            Thank you for considering the recommendations of the Laurelhurst Community Club.  Please keep us informed as you move forward.




Joseph Herrin AIA, Transportation Committee                Jean Amick, Transportation Committee

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Jeannie Hale, President

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cc:  Lucy Steers, Bill Mundy, John Hansen