Laurelhurst Community Club

Minutes for January 13, 2003

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM.

ATTENDING: Jim Romano, Bonnie Zinn, Kate Lloyd, Barb Ragee, John Burge, Jeannie Hale, Susan Torrance, Stan Sorscher, Jennifer Biely, Mark Holden, Shahina Piyarali, Jean Colley, Pat Wright, Don Torrie, Karl Weyrauch, John Clark.

Excused: Heather Newman, Maggie Weissman, Mark Trumbauer, Shawn Whitcomb, Mimi Levin

GUESTS: Coco Sherman, Bob Rench, Mark Nagel, Reeve Geary, Peter Eglick

Neighbor Appreciation Day: Coco Sherman, LCC Special Events Coordinator, briefed the board on planning for the annual Neighbor Appreciation Day reception. Coco went through some background of the event, how we nominate neighbors, the meeting format and asked for volunteers. Circulars for the meeting were distributed.

Bob Rench spoke on behalf of the Sand Point Housing Association, about its three years of operation. Their goal is to help residents become independent and move out. They have 94 units in several buildings. Units are used by families, singles, and youths.Rench expressed apprciation for community interest and support. They plan an additional 106 units, with a budget of about $20 million. Their funding and budget cuts are similar to other housing programs in the city. They are looking at grants and other funding sources.

Zinn: How old are the units? Typically, they were built in the ‘40s – very solid construction.

Romano: When will the new units be built? Scheduled now for 2004-05 or as funds are available.


Changes to the Agenda:

Minutes: Motion (Ragee) Approve the minutes of the December 9, 2002 meeting. (seconded by Biely) Motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s report will be postponed until February as Levin had to go out of town on business. LCC needs to decide when to send out the annual dues statements and any notation that should be included on the statement. The consensus of the Board was to send out the statements in March. Burge said the recent practice regarding timing of the statements has been to mail them sometime between March and May.




Crime Prevention: Pat Wright reported a little graffiti and some car prowls in the area, according to David Ninn. Because of budget cuts, the North Precinct will be closed and locked from 10 PM to 6 AM. A phone may be installed so visitors could call 911. Diane Horswell will be assigned to the North Precinct. Neal Hanson may also be assigned there. Pat took a cake to the North Precinct as a year-end token of appreciation. Suspects were arrested on connection with robberies of Farrell’s Jewelry Store, ATMs and fraternity houses.

Erg for It Fundraiser: Weyrauch, who serves on the board of the Youth Suicide Prevention Program, briefed LCC on an upcoming fundraiser. February 2, the Youth group is having a fundraiser called "Erg for it," which involves people rowing on rowing ergometers at the Pocock rowing center, with supporters offering to make pledges for each kilometer rowed. Weyrauch asked if any LCC trustee members are rowers and might like to participate. He also asked if LCC would like to contribute to the project or make a pledge to a Laurelhurst rower who might want to participate. The mission of the Youth Suicide Prevention Program is to reduce the number of youth suicides in Washington. It receives funds through the State of Washington and the Gates Foundation.

Motion (Weyrauch): Contribute $100 to support the “Erg for It fundraising event. (seconded by Colley). Motion passed unanimously.

Talaris Update: Hale reported that Carol Eychaner has been actively supported the LCC in analyzing the Talaris EIS and writing comments. The original allocation of funds has been spent, and we need provide funds to complete the current activity.

Motion (Lloyd): Provide an additional $3000 for Carol Eychaner for the Board’s action on the Talaris EIS (seconded by Ragee): Motion passed unanimously.

Bed and Breakfast Proposal: Neighborhoods throughout the city are being asked to consider an amendment to the Land Use Code to allow Bed and Breakfasts in single-family residential neighborhoods as accessory conditional uses. B&Bs would be allowed outright with a business license. It is unclear whether there would be parking requirements and limitations on signage. B&B are currently allowed in multi-family zones, but there must be no external evidence of the business use other than a permitted sign. There can be no more than two employees not residing in the dwelling. One parking space must be provided for the dwelling and one space for each of two guest rooms.

Executive Session:

The Board went into Executive Session from 8 PM to about 9:35 PM with LCC attorney Peter Eglick in attendance. The UW Master Plan was discussed at length. The Talaris development was also discussed.

After conclusion of the Executive Session: Motion: Appeal to the Central Puget Sound Growth Management Hearings Board on issues relating to the UW Master Plan and the process before the City Council. Motion passed 9 in favor, 2 opposed, 1 abstention.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:45 PM.

Notes by Stan Sorscher, LCC Secretary